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Pre-packed Well Screen


Product Introduction

Pre-packed Well Screen consists of one screen telescoped inside another,with an annuls filled with filter pack at the factory before shipment.Our screen cylinders are used for a variety of filtration,media retention and dewatering applications.Screen slots are sized to admit fluid flow while excluding solids.

With such packing material as gravels filled into the space between their outer and inner,double prepacked screens,mainly used in oil wells,gas wells and water wells,will make downhole operation unnecessary and better sand prevention which is and advanced sand control technology. Catalysts or microbicides packed in the inner layers of screens contribute to chemical production and industrial sterilization.

Technical Parameter

For the pre-packed screen,base pipe can apply perforated casing with API standard,bridge slot screen,or continuous slot well screen,while in the middle layer,the filter media could be quartz,wire mesh,metal fibre,ceramic beads,etc.The screen jacket could use continuous slot screen,bridge slot screen.

Benefits of the Pre-packed screen are

1.Smaller borehole   

2.No gravel placement

3.Increased strength

4.Thinner filter pack

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