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wedge wire slotted tube filter

Wedge wire slotted tube consists of wedge-shape profile wire and the longitudinal support rods. each intersecting point of these wires is fusion welded.so water well screen has sturdy constriction and good mechanical property.thewedge-shape section plane can avoid blockage,and make sure of the unimpeded water.the consecutive slot have more open area,and water well screen can reduce the speed of the water entering to aviod the sand entering the screen under the great pressure,so wedge wire water well screen pipes can filter sand better.meanwhile ,the slot can change according to the real condition of the earth.
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Product Description


The wedge wire slotted tube is welded by a wedge shaped winding strip and a rib. A continuous gap is formed on the surface of the candle rod, and the gap presents a narrow outer and wide inner structure from the perspective of cross-section. The filtering direction is from the outside to the inside.

  1. The pre coating of diatomite is stable. The candle rod has a unique self-supporting structure that allows it to withstand very high pressure without deformation as the pressure changes. After the surface is formed with a pre coating of diatomite, the coating is stable, and there will be no coating cracks, soil leakage, and other phenomena.

2. High filtration accuracy. The gap spacing of the candle rod is uniform, which can effectively intercept diatomite and quickly form a uniform pre coating. 

 3. Not easily clogged, easy to backwash. The narrow outer and wide inner gap structure allows the filter element to have a "self-cleaning" function, preventing impurities from getting stuck. The surface of the candle rod is very smooth, without any dead corners of residues. The backwash process is more thorough, and the cleaning effect is the most ideal.

 4. The seepage velocity is small. Compared to other filter elements, the flow rate of liquid passing through the candle rod is smaller, the pressure drop is smaller, and it is more stable.

 5. Various materials. Different materials can be selected according to the specific use environment, which has met the requirements of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.



Mainly used in candle type diatomite filter, fine filter, filter, diatomite filter, Baijiu filter, wine filter, yellow rice wine filter, yellow rice wine filter, yellow rice wine filter, yellow rice wine filter and other filtering equipment for similar liquids such as beer, yellow rice wine, syrup, beverages, soy sauce, gelatin, jelly, dairy products, condiments, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Technical data

Diameter range
from 20mm to 200mm
Slot size
from 0.025mm to 2.0mm
SS304 SS316L 904L
and Hastelloy
Filter direction
outside to inside and inside to outside
End connection
customized size
Product Inquiry
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