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Drilling Pipe Screen


Product introduction

Drill pipe screen also called Drill pipe spill, tapered structure, which is used for filtering drilling fluid in the petroleum geology drilling, and protecting the MWDS instrument. Picked up below the kelly bar instead of the joint in use. During the drilling fluid circulation, the impurities are filtered out by the screen mesh within the joint. Then the clean drilling fluid could prevent the impurities clogging bit port.

Filter the drill string is designed for mud cleaning from mechanical impurities directly in the well to prevent failure of drilling tools, as well as to prevent the drill pipe of foreign bodies in the process of changing the drilling tools or equipment: dirt, scale, etc. the Filter is designed to work in all macroclimatic regions with moderate and cold climate


The Filter consists of perforated stainless steel sheet, cut and folded under a truncated cone of predetermined angle, a perforated bottom, a removable Seating ring and the extractor handle. Grade of steel from which is made the filter corresponds to AISI 304. The inside of the filter in the narrow part of the cone, an extra filter perforation 1mm. All filters are suitable for use in environments with CO2 and H2S up to 10%.

Selective, not continuous perforation increases the reliability of the filter

makes the gap impossible.

This product adopts normal oil tube as materials to guarantee product quality.

And adopts laser positioning slotting technology so as to ensure that slotting is uniform, to improve degree of passing through the gap; and because the product is equipped with inner container wrapped by 60 mesh stainless steel filter screen which can effectively prevent entry of sundries.

Drill pipe screens are equipped in drill pipe water hole to filter drilling fluid. Its function is to adviod water hole clogging. 


Drill Pipe Screens are an integral part of any directional drilling application. Automatic drillers for oilfield drilling operations need to be protected properly for cost-effective projects. Specialty Supply’s complete line of MWD Tools include many different lengths and types of drill pipe screens for the protection of your expensive and sensitive measurement while drilling equipment.

Drill Pipe Screens are an important part of the directional drilling tool string. They filter out large particles in the mud protecting the MWD tools below. The Charger Drill Pipe Screens are made of 3/16” thick perforated 316 Stainless, with 17-4 hub and end cap heat treated to H900. This combination of materials has been field proven to outlast the competition in high wash environments. Our screens are available in every configuration to fit your specific requirements.


Drill Pipe Screens and Strainers are a vital component in any directional drilling application, protecting valuable equipment from highly abrasive solids.  Our screens are proudly manufactured in China, from high quality heat treated stainless. We stock screens from 2' to 4' in length with thicknesses ranging from 7 to 16 gauge. We know that different situations call for different screens, so we stock screens for both high-flow and slow-flow applications and stock most common connection flange sizes, outer rings, bolts, cores and can assemble ship in most cases same day.

If we don't have a screen in stock that fits the conditions in which you're drilling, we have the resources to quickly design and produce a screen that does.


Mainly specification: 5-1/2    4-1/2   3-1/2   2-7/8 inch

Material: Stainless steel (acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, long service life, and ide applicability).

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