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Drill Pipe Screen

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Drill pipe screen

Drill Pipe Screens are an important part of the directional drilling tool string. They filter out large particles in the mud protecting the MWD tools below. The Drill Pipe Screens are made of 3/16” thick perforated stainless steel, with 17-4 hub and end cap heat treated to H900. This combination of materials has been field proven to outlast the competition in high wash environments. Our screens are available in every configuration to fit your specific requirements.

Drill pipe screen, used to filter the drilling fluid and protect the MWD instrument in the petroleum drilling, is suitable to filter the drilling fluid of the petroleum an geological drilling. It is composed of the connector and filter screen. The connector is empty and only has a ledge. The filter screen is in the ledge of the connector. It is placed under the drill rod and replaces the former Fangbao connector. In the circulation of drilling fluid, the impurities are filtered by the filter screen of the connector. The drilling fluid is cleaned, preventing the impurities from blocking the water hole.

The specifications include the 5-1/2、5、4-1/2、3-1/2 and 2-7/8 inches. 


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